I hope you experienced gardeners will have mercy on a novice who is proud to be able to display results – however puny…

When we were all locked down in our stay-at-home mode, I put some seeds in dirt and added water. Mixed results would be a generous description of the outcome. But – some persisted, and today I thought it looked like the time to do some snipping.

The jalapeno peppers looked bigger when they were still on the plant, but they look like the real thing. The Hungarian peppers look long and lean like they should, but the big tall plant only produced two of them.

Don’t know quite what to think about the fat and stubby cucumber. I thought it should have turned out more like the ones at the store – maybe a tad greener, too. Could have left it on the vine longer I suppose, but I was afraid it might just burst.

Regardless, I am happy about the turnout, no matter the quantity. It proves to me that if things ever turn really dire, with some seeds, and some water, and some sunshine – I’ll starve to death in no time at all.