Rare, Collectible, & Otherwise


McHuston Booksellers is a brick and mortar independent bookstore in the Tulsa, Oklahoma suburb of Broken Arrow. From the Heartland of the US, we have shipped books nationwide quickly and efficiently. From Fifth Avenue in New York to Los Angeles, California.


McHuston at the ready.

As Broken Arrow’s Main Street bookstore, we offer new and used books, first editions, rare & antiquarian, and out-of-print titles. Not in stock? We’ll find it and have it quickly on the premises for pickup. Discount pricing on new titles and special orders. While you’re browsing, try our traditional Irish fare, from Shepherd’s Pie, Corned Beef, Irish Stew, and soup of the day.

More often than not, our newspaper ad in the Tulsa World states, Buy, Sell, & Trade. (Sometimes we change up the ad!) Trading is advantageous to every book reader. It’s an easy system. When you bring in a used book we can use on the shelf, we give you credit for half the price we’ll sell it for.

A book we’d mark $4 will earn a $2 credit toward any used book purchase. There are few limitations: we can’t trade our First Editions and such for your mass market paperbacks. But, we may swap our first editions for yours – who knows? It is true, we don’t accept every book that is offered, but as a rule – if a nicely-kept and recent book comes in, we’ll offer a trade credit.

McHUSTON BOOKSELLERS: General Information

The Rose District
122 South Main Street
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012

Store Hours
10AM – 7PM: Monday thru Friday
10AM – 5PM: Saturday
Closed Sunday.

We buy books nearly every day and are happy to pay cash for recently published books in current demand. Most types of books are accepted, but it is true that some genres, like Romance, Current Events, and Politics – that have a limited shelf life – are outside our cash purchase guidelines. We often reconsider accepting books that might have been declined as a cash purchase when trade credit is the basis of the transaction.

We buy single books, bags o’ books, and books from estate libraries.

We’re happy to appraise your old book to give you an idea of its value. On the spot evaluations are free of charge. A small fee for written appraisals.

Many bookstores have a specialty, such as First Editions, collectibles, paperbacks, or mysteries. Ours?

Customer service.

We have an eclectic assortment of books, new and used. Delicious lunchtime tasties.

Come let us serve you!


  1. The Gentrys

    Larry, we will be watching and anxiously waiting. Wishing you luck in all your dealings. I have been enjoying a lot of re-reads! See ya!

  2. admin

    Hello, Gentrys!

    Great to hear from you! I’ve done a little re-reading myself while the books are in storage! (Some are better the second time through…)

    Hope to see ya soon!


  3. Richard Maule

    I have been looking for your store while driving Main; not there. February and Shepherd’s pie
    are made for each other. Plus, we both have books. Sounds like a winner.
    See you then.

    Richard Maule

  4. admin

    Hey, Mr. M!

    Great to hear from you! I’ve been driving up and down Main Street, too – still waiting for the construction to finish… They’re making good progress, and I’m practicing good patience. The contractor – Mr. John Skaggs – does beautiful work and I’m sure all will be pleased to see the finished interior. They’re saying February. I’ll look for you then!

  5. Win Quier

    Hi Mr. McHuston,

    I have a book being released this summer. Do you do book signings? I’d love to debut my book in the town I live. I have quite a few people that are interested in attending.

    Win Quier

  6. admin

    Hey there! As a matter of fact – a signing is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon for Mr. Phil Truman, a western/historical and fiction writer. You’d need to contact the shop for more information, either by email or telephone. Thanks for visiting the website!