Chicken Stock

Not the bouillon type, but the shelves are lined with Soup… Who knew there were so many types of Chicken Soup for the (Fill in your own derivative…) Soul books? Everything but Chicken Soup for the Bookseller’s Soul!

Facebook ’em Danno!

Just admitted being a social-network dinosaur, and now MB is on Facebook. In the words of TV’s Craig Ferguson, “What? I know!” Guess I was just in a take-a-leap mood… McHuston website updates should appear on FB.

Stormy Weather

In Oklahoma, springtime is storm season. We have another one on tap today after waking up to sirens and damage at five this morning from what the weathermen are initially calling straight winds. I’m thinking it was a little tornado, based on my visual assessment. (Debris moved in different directions. No damage to the store, and trouble at home was limited to tree branches… others were less fortunate.) Time to grab a book and flashlight and hit the hidey-hole!