Tulsa Too

At one time, the line between Tulsa and Broken Arrow was clear. It was a wide green area that wandered north to south, filled with trees, grasslands, and the occasional stock pond. Now – unless you know the history – it’s impossible to tell where the city ends and the suburb begins! Looking at the bookstore’s online geography, though – it appears that McHuston Booksellers serves only Broken Arrow: incorrectamundo. Not everyone says where they began the day, but visitors to the store have mentioned homes in Owasso, Claremore, Catoosa, Pryor (bit of a surprise there!), Bixby, Jenks, and of course – Tulsa, among others. We don’t have every book in the world in stock here, but then again, neither does any Tulsa area store. Come by and visit us. It’s a short drive from anywhere. Be sure to tell us where you’re from!

Family Stories

Great stories aren’t confined to books – our own lives create anecdotes, enough to fill volumes! Sometimes the two collide, like in the case of the 1840’s German language bible recently reunited with its original owners. When such books come in the shop, every effort is made to find the family that would most appreciate owning the item. (Still working on a New England area wedding gift book, inscribed by the minister and witnesses on the day of the ceremony…) We work to reunite people with their own family stories, too! No charge if nothing is found – many family histories we’ve researched tell tales dating to the Revolutionary War! In fact, the most recent project unearthed the fact that ancestors of the researcher and the client had faced each other in a Civil War battle! (No blows were exchanged following the revelation…)

Change o’ Seasons

The Memorial Day Weekend is upon us – kicking off the Bi-Annual Reading Season! (Most of us read more when it is extra hot or extra cold outside…) Time to grab a good book and stretch out on the chaise. Just keep the sunscreen off the pages and the chair out of the sprinkler!