Snow Dancers.

It’s a Snow Angel day, but they are pirouetting here in the bookshop.

Empty parking places in the Rose District at lunchtime…a rare sight. Attributed to the snow and the frigid wind, no doubt. They weren’t ALL empty though, and Chef Dustin and I were able to send out quite a few meals to lunch-time guests today.


Here’s the switch: there is more snow on the ground now (late afternoon) and more cars are lining the street than before. Here in the bookshop, I’m having a little break and a chance to post some pictures of the new sculpture display.

Rose District artist David Nunneley visited the other day and mentioned he was having some floor repair done at his gallery, and as a result was required to move all the displayed artwork out of the way. He wondered if we’d be interested in hosting a few ladies for a week or so, until the work is completed.


Yes, without a doubt!

So the ballet is afoot at the front column in the bookstore, bronze sculptures that were completed by Mr. Nunneley as studies done while undertaking a commission that now graces the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

It’s one of those times I wish I had some photography skills, but I’m sharing – as best I can – the dancers in their poses atop the wooden pedestals. One of the three has previously visited, and I mentioned in an earlier note how I regretted not taking a photo before she departed.

Well. Take advantage of second chances!


Those of you who may have missed my earlier post and the link to the artist’s website can click HERE for a personal introduction courtesy of And you get a better look at any image on this page by clicking on it.

He has recently delivered another bronze monument out of state, this time to Colorado, and has a life-sized statute of a noted US Civil War figure in Arkansas, the story of which I hope to share in the near future.

In the meantime, you are invited to come down for lunch and a tour of the temporary bookstore gallery. It’s quick, tasty, and cultured.

In fact, if it gets any artsy-classier, they won’t let me in any more!

The snow is ending, so – Come visit!


Booksellers & Irish Bistro
Rose District
122 South Main St. Broken Arrow OK!

Mary. Mary.

“How come you aren’t wild and crazy?” my son wanted to know. “How come you aren’t like Aunt Mary?”

Dustin was just old enough to have figured out family ties and kin-connections. Mary isn’t his aunt though.

She’s my Aunt Mary.

“I WAS crazy,” I answered, “but then I got married and we had – you.”

That was probably the wrong answer, I admit. But what parent can say their life was unchanged, post-child?

There was the unicycle I rode from Chadick Park to Allen’s IGA, where I pedaled up and down the aisles. My sister called me out for singing in public. My friend Mike will recall Craig and the billboard incident, which may be beyond the statute of limitations but I had best be certain before I say more.

Dustin’s mother will remember my suggestion for pizza one afternoon, and the fact that we proceeded to drive from McAlester to Stillwater for a table at Hideaways.

To me, that was a little wild. Maybe a little crazy.

But Aunt Mary?

She never gave it up, not for kids, not for nothing. She had it. The kids, the life, the work, the church, the chores, the friends, the restaurant, the station, and..

And the love. She has that still.

Wednesday was her birthday but her doctor’s diagnosis made for a poor gift. She’ll be released from the hospital. They’ll make her comfortable at home. My cousin Bill said she was joking around with kids and staff.

And there – right there – is where I can step up for my son, and that question from so many years ago. I want to be able to face it and forge on. I would like to keep my sense of wild and crazy in the face of dire tidings.

I would love to be – as my young son said at the time – like Aunt Mary.

Those of you with influence would favor our family greatly with special thoughts and prayers. I fear my own standing isn’t enough.

My cousin Bill and I have struggled to get together for some time even though the miles between us aren’t that great a distance. Life seems to interfere. Our previous reunions have been the predictable and unfortunate occasions. This is one I would just as soon put off.

If crazy to believe and wild to consider, the one person who might prove them wrong is my Aunt Mary.

I’m hoping someone will help me keep her in our thoughts.

And thanks for your indulgence on the bookstore notes today. Between the covers and amidst the pages, sometimes there are real stories being told.

Here’s to the health of you and yours…

From Glow to Snow

It IS Oklahoma, after all. That’s why we aren’t surprised when there is snow and ice on the ground two days after our short-sleeves stroll-the-sidewalks weather. But is unusual that the snow day coincides with a holiday – President’s Day, in this instance – in which the schools, the banks, the city offices, and past-presidents are all allowed a day off.

Neighborhood streets have that weird mix of snow and ice. The frozen part is underneath and makes for strange traction (or lack of) when driving. Here in Broken Arrow every car and truck is a snow-busting ice cruiser, and every driver knows it. Put the pedal to the metal.

Thanks to Mr. Steve of the City of Broken Arrow and his crews for getting the primary streets drivable. Here is the Rose District there were backhoes and graders whipping back and forth clearing the intersections and parking spaces. I was out for a time and didn’t hear or see any crashing cars.


The bistro kitchen is taking a snow day. Unlike all-day restaurants, we have only a few hours to serve all the food we prepare for lunchtime. And it takes hours to prepare. Tomorrow’s forecast is for clearing streets and warm bowls of Irish Stew.

You can see in the image that a path has been beaten to the front door of the shop. (Actually, scraped with a shovel rather than actually being trampled by footsteps…) Thanks to our next-door neighbor John, who with his wife Kelly operate Glamour Gowns & More: he was out with an implement and some ice-melt.

In nine years on Main Street, there has only been one occasion that the store has been open for business and not a single book was sold. That was four years ago, during the big February blizzard. When I finally got the car out of the driveway and made it to the store, I high-centered on a snowdrift and had to abandon ship right there. After trudging to the door and warming myself inside, I sat at the desk for the better part of two hours doing some work but mostly worrying about the drive home.

I locked up and crept away through mounds of white, after finally working the car out of the snow-locked parking lot.

So by comparison, today is positively tropical. Even as we speak there are folks in the store browsing for books.

A little snow is no match for a genuine book emergency. In this morning’s case, C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia, just sent out to a new home. Mission accomplished!

When you are shoveled out, come visit!


Booksellers & Irish Bistro
Rose District
122 South Main St. Broken Arrow OK!