Heat? Bring it on!

Sunday. Day of rest. Day of rest? No. More like, day of ALL the rest – all the rest of the projects that could not be completed during the regular work week.


Can’t let the summer heat go to waste. Instead of boiling water to set inside the frosted-over freezer to speed up the melting, that 90+ degree heat outdoors is making for a quick disappearance of all that icy buildup. No boiling water. No drippy mess on the kitchen floor. (I have containers on the sidewalk to catch the run-off, but all the little splashes are evaporating about as quickly as they hit the deck.)

Those of us still living in the defrost age have a decided advantage. Those frost-free freezers and refrigerators don’t have a built-in cleaning reminder. Of course, Dustin and I aren’t dirtying-up the interior by tossing in open pans of spaghetti sauce or some such thing (my son Dustin and I are sharing kitchen duties as of a couple of weeks ago – what a godsend that has been!). We take care to keep up with it, but there are some projects that are out of the regular cycle. Like today’s episode.


I sprayed and paper-toweled the freezer interior as it became visible from under the layer of frost, but there wasn’t a lot to clean. The defrosting brings about a forced reminder to clean the floor under the freezer, the appliance interior, and the top of the thing.

Sometimes I think we need those sorts of personal-defrosting moments that would allow us to scrub up our life-fringes. But that’s a project for some other Sunday.

While the freezer sits outside drawing the attention of passersby, I’ve taken the opportunity to address a couple of the tables. Attached a metal strap under the wooden top that was damaged in transit and only lately began to become an issue. Added another in a separate area as an insurance measure. Tightened the screws on the legs. Same drill for a second table.


I’d love to spend more time under this air conditioning vent typing up progress reports, but I’ve got to get that frozen food out of the backup unit and into the freezer.

Here’s one thing that was reinforced already today, as a result of the projects: There is no honest work accomplished without busting a knuckle or two.

I’ve busted one already.

Nine to spare.

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Booksellers & Irish Bistro
Rose District
122 South Main St. Broken Arrow OK!

Changing the Rose.

Nothing is constant except change. (Okay. Mandatory clichés are out of the way and I can forge on.) The changes are still coming in the Rose District and it’s more than just the daily weather surprises.

Our hot and muggy morning turned into a cloudy and cooler afternoon, and this evening saw plenty of folks enjoying the sidewalk tables at Main Street Tavern and Bruhouse Grill. People standing out on the sidewalks talking, too. Groups scattered from Commercial down to Dallas. Fiesta Mambo had diners outside as well.


I’ve posted a couple of images of one of the major alterations that will very quickly be making another impact here in the Rose. An outdoor gaslamp in front of Pinot’s Palette was burning this evening, and I noticed tables being set up inside In the Raw, a couple of new businesses that are occupying the ground level of the newly constructed building down the block from the book shop.

Up above is Rooftop, which looks ready to begin serving food and drinks up on the second floor terrace.


They’ve been open for some time, but Stogies somehow managed to miss my camera in that period of time between their opening and the day the website crashed. Now that the website is newly repaired, I’ve added a photo to show off that other major new tenant in the District.

Having left the shop later in the evening on a couple of occasions recently, I can attest to the fact that parked cars are still lining Main Street well into the night.

Beyond Dallas are some other major changes, but those pictures will have to come later. (I was quickly losing light this evening.) The former credit union at the southeast corner of Dallas and Main is being converted into the Main Street Square, with period store-fronts being constructed at the retail unit at the back of the parking lot. The credit union building itself will eventually house a restaurant according to the recent press release.


Arkansas Valley Bank’s new home construction is off to a quick start, with infrastructure already covered over and building footings in place. The new structure will rise where the southside parking lot was located before the renovations began. It’s going to look sharp.

The farmer’s market has been busy as well, both Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings. Plenty of folks have taken advantage of the many offerings, including our bistro. Stew prep on several days last week included fresh home-grown onions from the farmer’s market. They were beauties! Leaving the shop on several Thursdays past, I have caught the crowd gathered for the live music – also presented at the market square.

We’ve also got some changes in the works here at the bookstore. But that news isn’t quite ready, and the pictures aren’t yet taken!

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Booksellers & Irish Bistro
Rose District
122 South Main St. Broken Arrow OK!


You can catch it too… The latest adventure featuring Vanessa Michael Munroe has been released by Crown Publishers. Ms. Munroe is a problem-solving dynamo who is a mix of Jason Bourne, James Bond, and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. BAM! ThwaaAACK! Great reading!

I had a couple of really nice images to show you. (I can make my photography sound much better when I don’t show the results!) The system is still keeping me from uploading. If you close your eyes and squint, you can imagine the easel-back posters for THE CATCH which are standing behind the copies of the hardback, with my small placard in front. It’s beautiful, I tell you. (It’s on my list to call the service provider about the website’s image-upload problem…) In the meantime, I can feature a picture of the Dallas-based author, Taylor Stevens, who was kind enough to put her publisher in contact with the shop.


As a result, I have a signed copy of THE CATCH to give away, and all you have to do is drop by and put your name in the drawing box.

As with many of the serial stories, it helps if you have read all the previous episodes, but Ms. Stevens writes in such a way that you may jump in at any point in the series and easily follow the premise. (I actually read the first book in the series later on…)

Catch some great shopping weather this week! And while you’re in the Rose District, stop by the shop and register for the signed First Edition copy. We’ll be drawing the winner’s name during White Linen Night festivities on August 12.

Come visit!


Booksellers & Irish Bistro
Rose District
122 S. Main St. Broken Arrow OK!