Tulsa Too

At one time, the line between Tulsa and Broken Arrow was clear. It was a wide green area that wandered north to south, filled with trees, grasslands, and the occasional stock pond. Now – unless you know the history – it’s impossible to tell where the city ends and the suburb begins! Looking at the bookstore’s online geography, though – it appears that McHuston Booksellers serves only Broken Arrow: incorrectamundo. Not everyone says where they began the day, but visitors to the store have mentioned homes in Owasso, Claremore, Catoosa, Pryor (bit of a surprise there!), Bixby, Jenks, and of course – Tulsa, among others. We don’t have every book in the world in stock here, but then again, neither does any Tulsa area store. Come by and visit us. It’s a short drive from anywhere. Be sure to tell us where you’re from!