Rcvd yr msg. Cnt ndrstnd t.

I received this message this morning: “Got bk lft fdbk tks” – and I don’t know what to think.

All thumbs? Buy a vowel.

Oh, I decyphered the line, all right. I’m decent at word puzzles, and this one certainly isn’t a head-knocker.

I’m confused as to what was saved by leaving out the vowels. Time? Maybe five or six seconds. Effort? How many calories are really expended by the thumb-pressing? (I’m assuming the email came by way of a smart-phone keypad.)


Right away, it made me think of the Miller Light commercial, in which a man is seen texting in front of the bartender, who gives him a choice. He punctuates his answers with “smiley face” and “LOL…” – to which she responds, “when you learn to talk like a grownup, come back and I’ll give you a Miller Light.”


“Got book left feedback. Thanks.”

I typed it, and it took less than three seconds. (I got nervous and had to start over.)

This takes just a little longer: “I got the book and left feedback. Thanks.” The phones all have full-keypads now, don’t they? Even with the tiny keys and my aging thumbs, I can complete words and sentences quickly.

Nt a prblm.

If speed isn’t the issue, the only alternative is vowel discrimination, and I don’t want to get started on that one.

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