The Art of War

Another in the list of rarely found used titles is the ART OF WAR, by Sun Tzu – a once obscure book that has been used for a number of recent years as a guide to motivation and business models. Although written for military application, its maxims translate perfectly for the corporate world.

We always have a NEW copy in stock, but this frequent search title can be found used, although generally no cheaper than a new trade paper edition. Allow us to search, if you’d like a special copy!

Price Guides!

Sitting on the counter (waiting to be shelved) is a stack of newly-arrived price guides, including some related to off-the-wall (and on-the-wall) topics. You never know about that family heirloom until you look it up! Titles cover Shaker products, Wall Pockets, Hall China, Appraisals, and more!

Wee Pike Twins

Now you can follow the growing up adventures of the wee Twin Lassies, bustin’ out of their diapers as they grow up in Texas. Photos and stories are courtesy of the intrepid mother of the identical twin girls. Family and friends can catch their premier and followup episodes, by contacting the twins’ mother.

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