Publish to Facebook

Apparently the Publish to Facebook option isn’t working. On the other hand, I’ve recovered the ability to add Bold Text, as well as Italic and Strike through text – plus the Spellchecker function. A pretty fair tradeoff, I’d say. Now, more time for books, less time on website maintenance!

One Forward, Two Backups

The end is NOT upon us (us, being website maintainers…) The upgrade to WordPress 3.0 is not fatal, as previously thought. Only a mild heart attack. Two actually: one for the website, and another for me before trying to get the thing back intact. Breathing a little easier now.


There is a reason they call the process “Backup,” and you’ll be doing several of those maneuvers as a result. The blog upgrade advised to “Backup” first, which I hurriedly ignored, and since the upgrade failed, I’ve had to backup, backup, backup. As in one step forward, two steps backup. The fancy plugins are now gone from the website, along with the work involved in producing them in the first place. Ah well… if lessons were easily learned, we’d all know way too much.