The New Look

It’s one thing to hope for a fresh look for a product – even websites. It is another thing trying to achieve it. After much frustration with the website design program, it was dumped in favor of this platform, courtesy of WordPress. It’s easy to work with from the back end, and will also allow comments from visitors.

I hope it is pleasing to look at, and still contain the information from the former pages. (If it isn’t to be found, email a question and I’ll add it to the site. It is much easier to update now!)

Getting in Touch

In this ever changing, technological, knock-your-head-back-from-the-speed-of-advancement, electronic-oriented world, McHuston Booksellers ranks slightly above Neanderthal. Certainly beyond dinosaur. Nowhere near cutting edge. Tweet? Ahhhhh. No thank you. More power to Ashton Kutcher and his many followers.

Hugo Chavez is now on Twitter. The apocalypse may be upon us.

Facebook is a lot like Southern California. Fun to visit, but I don’t want to live there. Too much time spent in traffic.

Emails still work just fine! (Or what about the telephone, even if it IS cellular and offers texting?)

Nils Thor Granlund

As a matter of total disclosure, I have a vested interest in offering this new book from McFarland Publishing. They gave me a contract to write it. It’s the story of a Swedish-born showman who lived through Prohibition, the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Era, and the dawn of electronic media.

He wrote music, flew airplanes, discovered entertainers, and was the first New York Deejay. He created the film trailer and was the first to use a microphone at a sporting event. He brought showgirls to Las Vegas before it had chorus lines. He made millions and died nearly penniless.

His once-famous name and routine was nearly completely forgotten. It was a pleasure to preserve the story of his many adventures and accomplishments and to solidify his place among the early entertainment world greats.