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  1. Larry, it was great to talk with you today. I am so glad that you are actually getting close to opening your new store. Just let me know when you are open (and I’ll keep an eye out myself) and I’ll bring over the boxes of books I have for you to look over. And what’s this about an Irish Bistro?

    Tom Vannoy

  2. Mr Tom! Thanks for the note! I am anxious to get back in the shopkeeper mode, as opposed to the layabout hiatus that I’ve been under for five months… I’ve got a paper sign in the window for now, and shelves going up. Things are in the works at last!

  3. Larry,
    I enjoyed talking to you the other evening. The store is really classy and well done. If you would like to talk more about coffee, let me know. We will try to come by soon.
    Ron Hackney

  4. Hi, Larry,
    Glad to see your bookstore and cafe is close.Re: lunch menu…with all that corned beef around, why not offer a Reuben? I know it’s almost a cliche,but done right it could help with product rotation and generate sales w/o significantly adding to inventory cost. I enjoy the website; Good Luck w/ the project.
    Cousin Jim

  5. Hey Cuz!
    Thanks for the kind words! I was rolling the Reuben idea around and haven’t ruled it out, but I made so many of those at Paddy’s (my former restaurant) that I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to put together another!

    I was sure I would hate the taste of that sandwich when I first tried it… don’t much care for rye bread, thousand island, sauerkraut, (or corned beef for that matter). But when they’re all mixed together, it tastes great!

    Thanks again!

  6. You may not remember or recognize me, but I am one of your customers, although not as frequent as I would like. You may recognize me as one who buys mostly James Patterson, Jonathon Kellerman, Dean Koontz, mostly. The point of my note to you is to ask you if you would be interested in any of the many books I have purchased, mostly from your stores. I will definitely be downsizing and more than likely moving. I thought I would give you first chance before I let them sell from my porch. Let me know ASAP as it may not be long before I will be gone. Thanks, and hope your business is going as well as you wish.

  7. Dear Peggy – Thank you for your note, and I am very sorry to hear your news. You’ve been a customer for a long while. Regarding the books, it’s difficult for me to get away since I don’t have anyone to watch the store if I leave for an errand. Feel free to call the shop if you’d like to discuss options. Thanks!

  8. Hey Cuz,
    I was gandering around on FB and ended up on your website. Just wanted to say “Hey” to one of the Best Cousins on Earth! I hope all is going well. The shop looks great. If we’re ever in the area, we’ll definitely come by. Give yourself a big hug from me.


  9. Hey, Erin!

    Happy to see your note! Would have been happier if it had been you in person, dropping by for a visit! It’s been too, too long!

  10. Just checking to see if you serve food on Saturdays? Sounds like a neat place, would love to come by. Olenia Hopper

  11. Hey there, Olenia! Right now, lunches are served Monday thru Friday only, although the bookstore is open Saturday 10-5. Perhaps at some point in the future… Thanks for asking!

  12. Dear Larry,
    I love your web site and blog. I was just reading about Calvin & Hobbes- also one of my favorites and my dad turned me on to Dave Barry- what a genius! I write for Currentland magazine, distributed in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. I would like to put your Irish Bistro in our dining guide, which is a little 90 word description of your ambiance and cuisine with a picture. Would you have a picture of someone eating one of your culinary creations at one of the tables with the books in the background? If I can get a picture from you in the next couple of days I can feature McHuston’s in our dining guide. If you’d like a gander at our publication, go to www, Thanks! Bridget Barlow

  13. Bridget!

    A thousand apologies for my failure to reply before now! (Hectic times are upon us…) I am most appreciative of your kind mention in Currentland, and thought the image worked well. A fellow dropped by and mentioned your article, which led me to explore your website and – in a roundabout way – brought me back to your note here! Thanks again for the mention, and I hope you’ll drop in one of these days! (A couple of the Calvin and Hobbes books have found homes already!)

    Larry H

    McHuston Booksellers & Irish Bistro
    Rose District Broken Arrow OK!

  14. Hello,
    My name is Doris Denison and I live in Saco, Maine. I have been researching the T.A. Huston’s Bakery and came upon your blog. I noticed you had a T. A. Huston’s biscuit crate on a counter in your bookstore. I found this very interesting because I have a T. A. Huston’s Bakery Biscuit Tin that was handed down to my husband from his family in Harrison, Maine.
    The information you have on your blog has given some of the history I have been looking for. I am adding to this note, a picture of my tin and an article that was written about it for you. I plan on selling it but would appreciate any more information you could share with me.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Doris Denison

  15. Hello, Doris!

    Glad you enjoyed the note about the Huston biscuit crate! I’ve run across some of the biscuit tins, and perhaps one day I’ll have one to show off in the bookstore. I’m not sure I have information beyond what was included in the article to share regarding the TA Huston Company, but thanks for asking!


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